Penking and Frostallion are two different Pal options in Palworld. While Penking is strong in the early game, Frostallion excels in the late game. It may be difficult to find Pals that bridge the gap between the two, but they do exist, and Reindrix is one of the best examples. This majestic reindeer has a set of powerful moves and dreamlike stats.

Reindrix also has Work Abilities such as level 2 Refrigeration and level 2 Slaughter. You can find and capture Reindrix in Palworld in two locations – near the fast travel point south of the large ice biome of Palpagos Island, and at the top of the Frozen Mountain, a snow-covered mountain. The Frozen Mountain is an icy region that requires wearing cold-resistant armor, or else you might risk dying. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news on esports, gaming, and more.

Then, launch higher-level spheres, ideally a Giga Sphere or better. Before battling, make sure they have Fire-type Active Skills equipped to give yourself the best chance.

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