In Palworld, you will need pal spheres to capture and fill your base. You can also craft them once you start building facilities in your base. However, not everyone is satisfied with how pal spheres work in Palworld. Since the game is in early access, there are some bugs and issues that prevent them from being used properly.

When you throw a pal sphere and miss, you lose it forever. Players want this to change, as they think you should be able to retrieve the sphere after throwing it. “The first 10 hours of playing Palworld consisted mainly of me confusing the button for throwing pals and the one for throwing pal spheres. All accompanied by frequent swearing,” wrote one user.

Another replied, “160 hours of gameplay and I’m still doing that. It never gets better.” “My favorite is when I throw them and they go through a pal, completely missing it, despite the displayed capture rate,” wrote another user, referring to one of the known bugs in Palworld. “Even if it was just 1 out of 5 missed throws that came back, it would be better than every missed sphere disappearing.

Or at least give us back some ingots and other materials and let us recreate them!” Fortunately, players don’t need pal spheres constantly. Once you have a solid base established, you should be able to craft as many as you need. Especially since you can have workers build them in large quantities for you.

It’s true that it’s easy to confuse the button for throwing pal spheres with the button for summoning pals, and it’s even more annoying when you miss your throw due to a bug and the sphere is lost forever.

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