The success of the first season naturally builds anticipation for the sequel. The second game will be adapted into a total of two seasons, which is two episodes fewer than the first part.

The first part adapted the entirety of the first game, including its iconic closing scene showing Joel and Ellie above the Jackson camp. It should be recognized that the second part of the game is a bit longer.

Its plot picks up four years later with Joel and Ellie, who has realized that her adoptive father lied to her about the Fireflies. This is where things go awry and the heroes encounter a character with very particular intentions.

This encounter will change many things and upset the players’ point of view. Without delving into details to avoid spoiling the still innocent viewers, the video game from Naughty Dog studio has enjoyed putting its players on the side of the main villain in this installment of *The Last of Us*.

As our heroes pursue the antagonist, the point of view shifts to his side in the middle of the story. It is entirely possible that the series may adopt the same rhythm and follow this unique proposition by stopping just before following the events from the enemy’s perspective of Joel and Ellie.

While the release window has been announced in an HBO teaser, the precise date has not been provided at this stage.

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