Now it’s 90% of these wastes.” This post led to comments from several Pokémon Go players who could relate to the original poster’s observation, writing:
“Nah, you’re not crazy. Really crappy spawns” and “Yeah, it seems a bit low quality.” Others added:
“Having started last year in July, it’s something I’ve noticed and it really kills the game for me in the second half of the season” as well as “They get more tragic every season.

It’s even more insulting when you use the daily adventure sync incense to see more appearances of the same crap.” One player detailed how spawns deteriorate as the season progresses. “It happens every time. At the beginning of the season, rare Pokémon like dragons, Beldum, Larvitar, and others appear more.

Also, second and third stage evolution Pokémon appear. But after a while, all the spawns are Zigzagoon, Castform like in your photo,” they explained. But as the event goes on, they seem to add more and more average spawns to the spawn pool making it increasingly difficult to grind the event,” they said.

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