The manga industry has been thriving in recent years, but it has also faced challenges from leakers who release spoilers online. These leaks, which occur two days before the official publication of chapters, have divided the fan community. While some readers eagerly seek out the spoilers, others see them as a detriment to the enjoyment of the manga and the industry as a whole.

Recently, two individuals were accused of leaking screenshots of manga pages before their official release. The police raided their homes and seized documents related to Shonen Jump and other materials. This event has sparked discussions within the fan community, with some expressing surprise at the arrest of one of the leakers, known as Myamura.

The impatience of readers and the reluctance to use official, paid platforms have led many to turn to pirate sites, where leaks are readily available. However, this has raised concerns about the impact on the manga industry and the authors who work hard to create surprises for their readers. One of the accused, Musa Samir, a 36-year-old businessman residing in Tokyo, has been identified, while the identity of the other individual remains unknown.

The news of their arrest prompted other well-known leakers to promptly delete their accounts and related publications on X/Twitter. Although the manga industry is experiencing unprecedented success globally, the issue of leaks has become a point of contention among fans, authors, and authorities.

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