Discover the complete promotion calendar with all the expected events and their arrival dates. EA FC 24 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the popular Ultimate Team mode, which benefits from a multitude of new features. Despite the rebranding, many features that football fans have come to love over the years are back in EA FC 24, including regular promotional events.

These themed campaigns bring unique special cards that can take a team to the next level. Therefore, we have compiled a calendar of EA FC 24 promotions, with all the events likely to occur and their scheduled start date. It is a highly anticipated event for fans that celebrates young players with enormous potential who could dominate the game in the years to come.

As always, fans can expect at least one team of special cards, as well as a multitude of SBCs and objectives to complete. Most events will only be confirmed at the end of the previous ones, leaving little time for players to prepare for what’s coming next. That being said, there are always certain essential elements of the Ultimate Team mode that come back at a similar time each year to give some structure to the season.

There will also be never-before-seen promos making their debut in EAFC 24, so we can expect a few surprises along the way. Keeping all this in mind, here is the schedule of all the Ultimate Team mode promos in EA SPORTS FC 24: And that’s all for all the promos we expect in EAFC 24 Ultimate Team. We will make sure to keep this article updated with all the latest events as soon as they are announced.

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