The discontent of Pokemon Go players is due to various reasons. Some players are furious about the lack of updates and intuitive navigation in the app, calling for changes.

They criticize the app’s appearance and functionality and express a need for a significant overhaul. They are also critical of other related Pokemon apps such as Pokemon Sleep and the mobile version of Pokemon Home, citing long animations, delays, and laggy performance.

On the other hand, many players are focused on criticizing the main Pokemon Go app. They express dissatisfaction with the user interface, the amount of repetition required to play the game, and the nonsensical design of certain elements.

Specifically, they highlight the excessive use of animations, which they believe unnecessarily prolong the game actions. These criticisms reflect a widespread sentiment among Pokemon Go players, indicating a strong desire for improvements and updates to enhance their gaming experience.

The dissatisfaction seems to stem from various issues affecting different aspects of the game.

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