However, after seven years (and counting), Pokémon Go has many peculiarities that could be smoothed out, with some outdated mechanisms still slowing down gameplay, and some strange game design choices still hindering progress and enjoyment for both veterans and new players. One feature that still takes too much time is the Buddy system, which often requires players to use AR functions in Pokémon Go to give a treat to their buddy. If you have a slow-moving Pokémon like Slowpoke as your buddy, it can be terribly boring to wait for the ‘mon to trudge across the screen.

That is why fans are so excited about a new feature, as it seems that Niantic has listened to feedback and streamlined the process so that players can focus on increasing their buddy’s happiness, instead of just waving a phone to juggle with AR. Fans are quite satisfied with the new feature in the comments, with one person succinctly describing it by saying “*” When the button is used, it doesn’t activate the camera and there’s no Pokémon walking animation. A nice QoL improvement.

“* Other comments express curiosity about the improvement, with one asking, “*” Can you control which berry is used? *” before another user responds, saying “*” Yes, you can also use a Poffin. “* Some players are happy to see the previous mechanism disappear, saying “*” I always thought that opening gifts and feeding/playing/adding a screenshot to your camera roll was always the woRst part of this game.

Miserable gameplay. This is an improvement. “* Another Pokémon Go player simply comments, saying “*” THANKS,”* while another comment adds, “*” Niantic has been really on the ball recently.

“* It is encouraging to see an increase in new features and improvements coming to Pokémon Go, and despite some recent issues, this bodes well for the continued success of the title throughout the year, especially with huge events like the current Season of Discovery.

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