Some obscure your target, and some don’t accurately translate your weapon’s recoil. So you need to make sure you’re using the best one.

It takes time to create the perfect crosshair from scratch because it requires a lot of adjustments. Slowly tweaking it over time to find the right fit is a must if you want to wreak havoc.

However, if you’re in a hurry, there’s no harm in following someone else’s advice, especially that of a pro. Here’s how you can get the best Valorant crosshair codes to channel the esports star within you.

The available tools allow players maximum customization to find a comfortable fit. However, there are some general tips to consider:
– You want highly contrasting colors, like green, so you can easily see your crosshair.

– Also, make sure to use even values to keep your crosshair centered and precise. – Finally, you’ll want to disable movement error.

Dynamic crosshairs can become very distracting, so keeping them static will help. With Episode 5 Act 2, Valorant also introduced the ability to set a custom color for your crosshair.

Here’s what the pros are currently using. You can copy their settings below or combine them to find the crosshair that suits you perfectly.

Keep in mind that pros regularly change their crosshairs, but we’ll try to keep them updated.

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