However, this doesn’t stop players from wanting a crucial feature to be added to the game. In a Reddit thread, a player claimed that the game lacked a weather feature. While the vast island of Palpagos already has different climates, the player expressed a desire for a more in-depth weather system. “I’m talking rain/thunderstorms, snowstorms, sandstorms, maybe even ash storms in the volcano region,” he mentioned.

He added, “I’d love to chill in my base on a rainy day if possible.” That being said, most players responding to the thread seem to support this idea. “I think weather that has a noticeable effect on gameplay would be awesome. Like water types appearing more and getting a damage boost in the rain,” commented one person.

“Having stormy weather, and when lightning strikes, it can hit your power generator or your house or your character/pal,” suggested another. A user also thought it would be great to add difficulty sliders to the weather system, while another suggested adding different seasons to spice up the gameplay. All in all, while this seems like a fun addition to the game, some players can’t help but think about how it would affect the game’s performance. With more features and improvements planned for the future, this feature will likely be possible once the game is more stable.

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